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There is nothing better than a bright, green lawn to enhance the look of a home or business. Unfortunately, watering the lawn, trees, or plants by hand can waste water and time. An automatic sprinkler system is a great way to ensure that your plants get the consistent water they need to stay healthy while saving you time and keeping water waste to a minimum. Read on to learn about sprinkler repair near Roy, Utah. 

Sprinkler Repair Near Roy: Our Team Is Experienced

At Sprinkler Master, we have been in the landscaping and sprinkler system business for over 20 years. Our professional team specializes in the installation and repair of lawn irrigation and sprinkler systems. We understand the role that your sprinkler system plays in the landscaping of your home or office. Because of this, we can offer you a variety of sprinkler system services to keep your landscaping looking great, including:

  • Routine sprinkler system maintenance to stop leaks, prevent blockages and check for backflow problems
  • Sprinkler repair for damaged or broken sprinkler lines blocked heads or leaks
  • Lawn sprinkler system installation to keep your lawn and landscaping consistently watered
  • Winterize underground sprinklers

Quality Sprinklers In Roy

Sprinkler Repair Near Roy Utah

The services that we offer keep your lawn and plantings looking green and healthy, no matter how dry it gets. Now that spring is upon us in the Weber County Area, it’s time to inspect and get ready to start up the sprinklers. There has been a drought in the Southwest and every drop of water counts. Our Roy sprinklers crew is experienced and knows how to test, clean out and repair any system, your system, properly so that your lawn and greenery stay green. Our professional Weber sprinklers technicians are ready to inspect, test and repair any system and have it ready to go when it’s time to start watering.

Through our commitment and experience, we have established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime. We service and repair all systems- regardless of who installed your sprinkler system. Contact Sprinkler Master today at (801) 784-0587 to see how we can better serve you.

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