Why is Winterizing Important in Ogden?

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Ogden experiences freezing temperatures during the winter. Water left in the sprinkler pipes can freeze, leading to cracked or burst pipes. Not only does this lead to costly repairs, but it can also mean a non-functional system when spring arrives.

When to Winterize?

Starting  now to late October, monitor the local weather forecasts. When nighttime temperatures consistently dip below freezing, it’s a signal to winterize your system. Typically, in Ogden, this happens between late October and early November. It’s important to get your sprinkler system winterized before any damage is done when the freezing temperatures set in.

Steps to Winterize Your Sprinkler System:

  1. Shut off the Water Supply: Before anything else, turn off the water supply to your irrigation system.
  2. Choose a Draining Method:
    • Manual Drain Method: Useful if your valves are located at low points. Open them and let the water drain out.
    • Auto Drain Method: If you have auto-drain valves, they’ll open as soon as the water supply is shut and the pressure drops.
    • Blow-Out Method: This method uses an air compressor to clear the pipes. It’s effective but requires expertise. If you’re unfamiliar, consider hiring a local Ogden professional.
  3. Insulate Above Ground Components: Wrap any components exposed to the elements. Use insulating tape, foam tubes, or even old towels. Ensure they’re secured against moisture with plastic bags.
  4. Shut Down the Controller: If you have an automatic system, turn off the timer. Modern controllers often have a “rain mode”, allowing you to shut off signals without erasing your settings.
  5. Document and Store: Make a simple sketch of where all your sprinkler heads are. This ensures they aren’t damaged during winter activities like snow shoveling.

Professional Help:

While winterizing can be a DIY task, Sprinkler Master Repair professionals can winterize your system, ensuring safety and efficiency.


Winterizing your sprinkler system in Ogden isn’t just about saving on repairs; it’s about ensuring that when spring blossoms in our beautiful city, your lawn and garden are ready to bloom in tandem. So, take the time this fall to prepare, and your sprinkler system will be set for the winter and ready to hydrate your outdoor space when the snow melts!

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